Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

Valentine Skin Layouts

Valentine Skin for friendster profile at valentine's day. Use and make your profile become beautiful with this Free Friendster Skin.

Friendster Skin

Valentine Layout

Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Facebook Skin

use this facebook skin and facebook themes for your profile. this is a free skin and themes for facebook backgrounds.
If orkut and twitter user personalized there theme with third-party themes , then why can’t Facebook users? Today we listed 45 free facebook themes/skin for facebook user . Some of them add more Beauty to your own Facebook user profile and user friendliness to a Facebook. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.
The life-span of these themes is not much as Facebook keeps changing their code. The themes given below have been hand-picked by me and were all working fine. They are also being regularly updated by the original designers.
There are 3 basic requirements before you can use the themes.

1. Mozilla Firefox (Download it from here!)
2. Grease monkey add-on for Firefox and Opera users
3. Stylish add-on for Firefox

I recommend you to Install Stylish add-on for Firefox . you can easily customize facebook themes/skin as per your choices or you can create your own facebook themes/skin with help of CSS . If you already meet all the requirements, then let the themes begin! To Download your favorite theme click on image of facebook theme. if you have any problem with changing your facebook theme please see the video tutorial to easily change your facebook theme.


Jumat, 17 April 2009

Guitar Friendster Skin Layouts Code

Free Skin for Friendster. This Skin Also can be become MySpace Skin, Hi5 Skin and Friendster Skin. Free Friendster Skin For Friendster Profile. Friendster Theme, Friendster Layouts and Friendster Profile. Make this cute and simple skin to your friendster Profile and Myspace profile.

Friendster Skin Guitar

Friendster Skin Code

Automotive Car Friendster Skin Codes

Free Friendster Skin for your Friendster Profile, MySpace Profile, Hi5 Layouts, MySpace Layouts, Friendster Layouts. This Friendster Skin match for Your Friendster Layouts and Friendster Theme. This Design Skin Very Cool and Beautiful, Cute, and Simple Friendster Skin.

Toyota Automotive friendster skin

Free Friendster Skin Codes